Public Policy Advocacy

Goodfriend Government Affairs (GGA) has represented Fortune 500 companies, small start-ups, and non-profit organizations before the U.S. Senate, House, White House, Federal Communications Commission, National Telecommunications and Information Administration, Department of Justice Antitrust Division, and Rural Utility Service.  In the states, GGA has managed lobbying or conducted direct advocacy in California, Oregon, Maryland, and other jurisdictions throughout the U.S.  David has assembled and managed coalitions of consumers, industry, and non-profit organizations to further important policy goals. Read more accomplishments

Victories won with GGA’s participation include:

  • Enactment of federal legislation to incentivize carriage by DISH Network of local TV channels in all markets.
  • Removal of legislative language from a spectrum auction law that would have prevented satellite companies from using their spectrum for wireless broadband.
  • Creation of a federal fund to support satellite broadband deployment.
  • Blocking the AT&T/T-Mobile merger.
  • Establishing Open Internet rules.
  • Instigating a FCC proceeding to eliminate the Sports Blackout Rule.
  • Imposing significant merger conditions on Comcast/NBC-Universal.
  • Passage in the U.S. House of legislation to facilitate residential solar leasing.
  • Preservation of funding authority for California’s “New Solar Home Partnership.”
  • Continued carriage of an independent programmer on New York cable TV.