David has been a part of the DISH Network family for over a decade and has helped us achieve a number of important policy victories. As a result, he can legitimately claim to have helped enhance competition in the telecommunications and media markets. David is not afraid of powerful opponents. He is a fighter. We are glad to have him on our team.

– R. Stanton Dodge
Executive Vice President, General Counsel, Secretary
DISH Network LLC
[quote style=”1″]David has been a loyal and effective advocate for Lennar for years, particularly with respect to our global renewable energy initiative. He has worked skillfully across all levels of government, legislative and executive branches, federal and state jurisdictions to achieve results. He has been equally as effective in working with our various business units within Lennar as well as amongst other peer high production homebuilders, when required. In doing so, David has become a trusted member of our team; It’s a pleasure to work with him.”[/quote]
– David J. Kaiserman
President, Lennar Ventures
[quote style=”1″]David is a multi-faceted advocate who knows how to make things happen against incredible odds. I have worked with David in several different capacities and always come away impressed with his commitment to consumers and never-say-die attitude towards advocacy. I have been proud to serve on the Board of Directors of Sports Fans Coalition, a non-profit consumer group David founded in 2009. David helped to establish a new brand of consumer advocacy, combining Americans’ deep love of sports with media reform issues that otherwise might seem arcane and difficult to understand. Most impressive to me, however, was David’s ability to get the FCC, for the first time in almost 40 years, to start a new proceeding on whether the Sports Blackout Rule should be eliminated. No less than the broadcast television industry, the National Football League, and Major League Baseball were against opening a proceeding but David and Sports Fans Coalition prevailed. The NFL blinked and voluntarily rolled back their own blackout rule. That’s what I call results.”[/quote]
– Gigi Sohn
President and CEO
Public Knowledge
[quote style=”1″]NuvoTV is the only independent Latino-themed television network for the English-speaking audience. David has been a consistent advocate for us, helping policy makers in the FCC, Congress, and he Administration understand the importance of serving the Latino community with independent, culturally relevant programming. David does not feel limited by job descriptions. Many times, he has gone beyond his role as Washington, D.C. advocate and offered me strategic business advice that has proven very useful in my dealings with a wide range of business partners. I always appreciate David’s willingness to put himself in my shoes and think about how I as CEO can better achieve my company’s goals.”[/quote]
– Michael Schwimmer
Chief Executive Officer